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Datt Dongare

Technical Director

Datt is full stack engineer with vast experience in web & related technologies and truly a technology backbone for WGBL..! He researches, profoundly analyses, always aim for perfection in work which might slow him but end up with quality work. He leads our team, takes care of all kinds of tasks as and when required. He likes to automate things, he is listening for what’s coming next. He has wide interests, apart from work you will see him improving skills or learning new things, for knowing more listen his raps.

Deep bhong

Deep Bhong

Managing Director

With his “deep” experience in services business makes him a great managing director. He never compromises service to clients, impresses everyone with humble behaviour, unparalleled people management skills. His inner entrepreneur always stays up for checking next big things in business. “Simple living but high thinking”, applies to him. He is provider, like the head in any family. He likes to meet new people, make connections. He is genuine food lover, his happiness secret - delicious food.

Vishal terkar

Vishal Terkar

Finance Director

The money man, with over ten years of experience in the field of accounts and finance. Vishal binds the corporate threads associated with WGBL, by providing professional services, pro-active financial solutions and a straightforward advice. In in a nutshell, Vishal is our saviour during first week of every month. He is passionate and focused about businesses, he is also fond of stock market. His love for food, makes him travel long distance.

Pramod dongare

Pramod Dongare

Operations Director

Pramod is operations director, he has endless experience in operations and handling people at ground level. His specialities in analysing problems & operations, makes his complex job easier. He believes in “Do karma and never expect”, knows how to get on top by staying on ground. He is never afraid to try new things. He likes to watch movies, hanging up for intelligent discussion.

Vivek more

Vivek More

Marketing Director

WGBL’s guy of words and thoughts ,who delivers a strategic contextual process that delivers content and context into strategic assets, standing as a unique marketing tact for the business! It’s always hard to guess where he dwells at the moment, he is always our backup plan and acts like a filler wherever the team needs support. He likes cycling, playing hockey and loaded with new gadgets. In leisure time Vivek drafts contextual blogs.

About Team

The most significant part of any organization is a well bonded and hardworking team. At WGBL, we have a productive and persevering team of developers, digital marketers and content writers lead by Dattatraya Dongare, the Director. The team has bonded for more than a year to set an example of togetherness, discipline and coordination. We have young and creative minds who are passionate about their goals for the company as well as themselves. Benefitting our firm with their unbiased contributions, the team not only shows teamwork at the organisational level but also makes sure to keep the workspace fun and stress-free to promote positive and fruitful performance.

Our Team

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