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How Design Can Grow Startups Business

One of the significant concerns for startups (apart from capitalization and staffing) is consumer acquisition and retention. In another term, how would you incite people to try and use your product? The genuine process to do that is to produce a product that looks great and functions admirably. This is what designers convey to the table. This is particularly valid if your product is in a competitive market. 

Thumb design for startups

Often startups trust that from the begin they can avoid UX or designs, assuming that it will come substantially later in their procedure and that engineering skill will be sufficient to influence business investors and potential customers. You'll likewise have an obvious point pulling investors with something that looks and works more cleaned. Additionally, you can get a top notch cost for a better-designed product

"One reason to get your startup plan ahead - if you need to truly rise on the grounds that there are such a large number of similar businesses rolling out right at this point"

Design as far as startups are involved can be split into three levels, the primary being user experience, the other marketing, and finally branding. 

UX Design or User Experience Design -
User experience design simply means, the process which assures that user has the best possible experience while interacting with the product. The UX designer ensures that there is no pain point in the product and interaction exceeds user expectations. 

UX is not UI if you think fancy button and graphics used in your product is user experience design then you are mistaken, it is about being useful, usable and meaningful to customers. To design a successful product firstly, you need to understand your niche users deeply and their needs. If a product does not interest to a particular type of public, it is expected to be quickly disregarded. You could have the best attractive online website or application on the market, but if consumers cannot easily see how to use it, they will leave it behind. UX designers never stop learning, here are few keys points that startups must keep in mind while designing user experience:

1)  Focus on the user goals
2) Simplicity is paramount
3) Don't make users think
4) Reduce the need for typing
5) Take regular feedback and make adjustments

 Marketing By Design -
Today's digital world is about connection, speed and smooth experiences, your startup design has less than a minute to make the first impression to the audience. In the marketing industry, the image is everything. The way the customers sees your business affects not only your sales but also your business reputation. 

When it comes to designing for marketing, you want customers to take necessary actions which can include buying something, clicks, sign up or download. A good design raises visibility, catch audience attention and keep them interested. Don’t reduce the value of great design for your business marketing and advertisings. Creating fabulous designs with captivating messages can convert your impressions into potential customers. Be practical, research your opinions and ideas, measure which design perform better, and later continually emphasize to enhance all aspects of your product, website and service. 

Tip: Marketing is Tactical and Branding is Strategic

Branding By Design -
Firstly let us understand what is a brand? A brand is a pair of running shoes or a pair of 'NIKE'. In an already packed marketplace, separating your startup will be important to its survival and achievement. The brand is the thing what remains after the marketing has cleared through the room. It is what that sticks to audience mind about a product, service or an organization. The great brand stands for something and not for everything like Harley Davidson stand for 'Freedom', not for the engine, smooth ride or design. People love stories we are naturally wired to storytellers, tell stories to the audience about your brand. 

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.” 

If you need to build your business, don’t let anything hold you. Nothing works better than just improving your product.

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