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Why i Need a Website for my Business

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Do you truly require a website?

Having a great website is becoming a necessity for entrepreneurs, independent companies or anybody who want to sell or market their product or services on the Internet.

We all know running a business is not an effortless task, there is constantly so much to do. I'm sure you must have realized in this competitive market whatever you are doing is no different than what several others are doing in your city. We live in a reality where before shopping or eating people first check their website and reviews. Therefore, to create an extraordinary impression among your customers it is vital for you to have your company/business website with strong online presence.

Your website describes your identity and what you offer. 

For many small and medium size businesses, websites have made big difference in the conversion rate of business. At this point, you might have understood if you don't have a great website you are missing out on the opportunities to clients to recognize you on the web and transforming them into paying clients.

Here are practical reasons why your business needs a strong professional website.

Ahead of Competition -
As per research, 49% of small business don't have sites. In the event that you are in that 49% having a website can make you remain ahead in the competition.

Make Good Impression - 
It takes not as much as a moment to establish a first impression about a person same goes for a business. In today’s world, where a large number of purchasers do huge research online before any human communication, establishing a decent first connection with your website is necessary.

More Business - 
Around 46% of the world population utilizes the Internet and 175 million of Indians have bought something on the web. So not having a site and online presence you are missing a major bit of a cake.

Online Catalogue - 
Do you know organizations burn through millions on making brochure and distributing it? By having a website you can skip this plus your potential clients can discover you on the web and look at your website.

24*7 -
Having a website can make you visible 24*7 to your customers. Customers who don't want to have phone call can freely spend time browsing on your website and search what they want or looking for.

Digital Marketing - 
The website is prerequisite for Digital Marketing. Through SEO optimization techniques, you can attract more traffic to your website which can generate more leads. In addition, you can profit while you are sleeping. 

Continual Information - 
Once your website is live and running, stay connected with your audience. Create a blog for your readers and try to produce fresh content every week or two about your industry news, trends and updates.

If you have no knowledge about web development and hiring any web design and development company or seeking an individual to help you create a website for your company. Here are few focuses to consider while requesting website for your business. Ensure that it works well for your business and drives your customers.

Purpose -
Often people think the design is the most challenging part of the website yet the principal thing to choose is the reason why are you developing your website. What purpose is it going to solve for you? Your website can be simply static pages with information about your business and services or it can be a website for online sales where you want to sell your products/services. Knowing the motivation behind your website is essential to push ahead persistently. 

Back-end - 
It is important to develop solid functional back-end on your website. If a customer is not able to place an order or your website goes down during the sale, it can result in loss of business and can affect the website and business credibility. Back-end in your website is same as the powerful engine in your sports car.

Content - 
We have seen most website owners make a common mistake like neglecting the importance of content. It is significant that content present in your website should be relevant, informative, engaging and shareable. A good quality content present on your website with proper SEO optimization will attract more visitors and also improve search ranking. 

Mobile-Friendly - 
A responsive website is a process to ensure that when a visitor is accessing your website through mobile devices your website automatically adapts to the smartphone. According to a survey conducted by Google, 72% of mobile users are more likely to visit your site again if your website is mobile-friendly.

More Questions to Ask? 

What sort of websites you have created? 
Will you develop my website starting from scratch or use templates?
What are the sections that my site need to include? 
What amount will this website cost to you?

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